Total of 30 hrs - All inclusive pricing of € 5600

Total of 50 hrs - All inclusive pricing of € 9500

Total of 70 hrs - All inclusive pricing of € 11900


This course is designed for qualified pilots who need to build hours towards their next license and are looking to gain additional skills throughout the process.

Egoli will give you Spin Training, bush flying, water and bush survival training, Safety Management System indoctrination and CRM training.

Every flight will be monitored where you’ll be given a specific mission and goal to achieve - making your training fun and memorable.

The course consists of 4 phases (spread over 2 periods of 2 weeks) as follows:

Course includes:

Optional Extras:

EASA conversion - available trough SWISS ATO

"Where everywhere else they’ll call you Pilot,
- here at Egoli we’ll call you Aviator."

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