EASA Conversion

Our company established a partnership with Aero Locarno for the Conversion of the ICAO license into EASA part-FCL.

The aim of the Conversion Courses is to convert an ICAO CPL/IR/MEP holder to EASA CPL/MEP/IR and achieve the level of proficiency necessary according the PART-FCL. The course provides to the ICAO pilots an EASA CPL/IR/MEP license with ATPL Theory Credit, as it is necessary requirement for most airlines for recruitment, in Europe. The duration of the theoretical training will be a minimum of 3 months (ON-LINE) and the duration of the flight training will take no more than 10 days.

Pre-Entry Requirements

  • Have a valid ICAO CPL/IR/MEP
  • Have a EASA Medical (class 1) Certificate
  • Have at least 200 hours total flight time, 100 hours PIC, of which 50 hours X-country Pilot in Command (PIC)
  • Have at least one X-country 300 NM trip with 2 stops at different aerodromes

Theoretical Training

The ATPL theoretical knowledge course comprises 14 subjects; CATS approved inter-active distance learning training, progress tests and sample exams. The minimum duration of the course is 3 months and can commence at any time during the year. The course uses Cranfield Aviation (C.A.T.S.) training material (Books & WBT).

Flight Training

The flight training course comprises of the minimum required flight hours as per Part. FCL and based on the candidate previous experience. The flight training can commence simultaneously with the theoretical training.


  • Theoretical Training: € 3.500
  • 10 Hours SEP IR: € 2.000
  • 5 Hours MEP IR: € 1.950
  • 10 Hours VFR: € 1.850

Total training cost: € 12.300

(Subject to change)

Accommodation not included

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